Treknet is a proudly South African cartoon strip about two unemployed entrepreneurial friends Boet and John.

When they are not hanging out in their rowing boat Bokom, they are thinking up new ways to make money, playing pranks on each other or simply pondering the meaning of life.

Like everyone else, Boet and John have the same everyday problems like work, women and great white sharks.

Follow Treknet as they live the ups and downs, high and low tides of life in the new South Africa. Armed with a positive attitude, optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit, Treknet is an inspiration to both young and old, making them a hit with all South Africans.

Treknet has appeared in The People's Post, The New Era (Namibia), The Cape Times, The Natal Witness, PE Herald, The CXpress, The Big Issue and daily on and

In 2013 Treknet was made into a 13 part TV sitcom for Kyknet.

In 2015 the first collection of cartoons was published in Tales from Treknet.

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